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BattleInk Printing & Web Design offers affordable web design with the same customer satisfaction as some of our more expensive competitors. Why Are We Different? Standard websites a lot of the time can look very similar, using the same template multiple times turning out a low quality, unoriginal product. We guarantee that every site we make is unique and different from all our other clients. We will customize a website to suit all of your needs, incorporating your company's logo and color scheme. Another aspect of the web world that we offer is graphic design. If you do not have a logo for your business yet, and need one, we can make a complete 100% original logo included in the whole project's price! You may view some examples of our work by viewing our website links.

Graphic Design

       "Well, I need more than just a website..." If you own a small business, and you need a website, you may worry about providing things such as a logo, pictures, a website layout, but we can help with all of those things. By designing a website for you, we can design all the artwork to go along with it. We can make you a logo to match your site, or a site to match your logo. Then you need business cards, brochures, flyers, letterheads, not only can we design all print materials, but can have them printed for you as well. We have done work for small companies, designing logos, as well as DVD & album covers for a series & artists that were internationally distributed. Click on the following link and have a look at a small portfolio of logos and graphics we have produced:

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