BattleInk Web Design offer website and business marketing as well. We first offer our services to provide our clients with a marketing strategy and a plan of action. Depending on your specific needs, you may enact the marketing plan yourself or have an employee carry it out, or we can get to work for you putting the marketing strategy and plan into action. We also can provide our clients with detailed accounts of the successes, and failures, of any part of the marketing plan, step by step, making the necessary adjustments to ensure that anything without a positive impact does not continue which saves you time and money.

We charge a one-time fee for a diagnosis of the current conditions and a marketing plan that we feel will work for you. You will receive a written report giving you an understanding of where your website or business stands currently, the necessary steps to increase web traffic, sales, overall exposure which will hopefully lead to more revenue and a guide, filled with research and explanations, telling you what needs to be done and why. If you want BattleInk Web Designs to carry out your new marketing plan, we then can either charge an hourly rate or, if our role will be on-going, we can work out a monthly flat rate to compensate us for our dedicated involvement.

Below you can read more about our marketing services and mass email campaigns.

Email Lists & Campaigns

        Email Marketing has been shown by the leading research companies to be steadily growing more successful over the years. We offer email lists of 5,000 email addresses and up, that can be imported into any mass email marketing software. We also provide our services of creating, and designing, your HTML emails, customized with your company logos and colors, and we can make general templates for you to use multiple times by simply changing the written content or we can develop multiple emails for your email campaign.

If you want BattleInk Web Designs to send out your emails, providing you with the results of the mass emails, click-rates and open-rates and manage your mass email campaign then we can provide that service as well. We will have to install Google Analytics into your website, which Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google, to track the statistics of the mass emails and see what is successful and what is not so successful in order to make the necessary adjustments.